Product List

Using a proven network of global suppliers we regularly provide a broad range of procurement goods and services to our customers, including:

All kind of Elevator
All kinds of Audio Visual Goods and Services
CCTV and Fire alam
Cell Phones, Mobile Devices and Internet Data Accessories
Cleaning Equipment and Supplies
Computers and Parts
Construction Materials Supplies
Conductors, Cable, and Wire Connectors
Transformers, Regulators, and Capacitors
Generators, Motors, and Industrial Control Components
Hardware supplies
Measuring Instruments
Office equipments and stationary supplies
Pumps, Compressors, Blowers
Printed materials, Signs, Office and Cooling Tower Parts
Safety and Emergency Equipment
Rice Mill Machinery
Flour Mill Machinery
Pulses Mill Machinery
Spice Mill Machinery
Cranes & Hoists
HT Switchgear Cranes, Hoists and Winches
Operator’s Cabin & E-House
Crane Components
Rail Clamps (Strom Brakes)
Bulk Material Handling Components
Technological Structures
Bus Bar Trucking systems
LT Switchgear
Low Voltage Switchgear
P.F.I Plant
Online and offline UPS
Voltage Stabilizer
LV Auto Voltage Regulator
AC Motors, DC Motors, AC Generator