Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Dynamic Hubs has wide range of Product and service .We also trade with world top company and brand.Our key products are ; All kinds of Elevator/Lift , Agro Machinery more then 41 types of Machinery we have for Rice Mill Machinery, Flour Mill Machinery, Pulses Mill Machinery, Spice Mill Machinery and more , we also have heavy Machinery for Mines & Oil Refinery, Power Plant, Agriculture Industry, Steel /Aluminium, Plant & Cement Plants, Sea Port. We have HT Switchgear,Cranes, Hoists and Winches,Operator’s Cabin & E-House, Crane Components,Rail Clamps (Strom Brakes), Bulk Material Handling Components Technological Structures.

We have also software , some of them Dynamic Hubs Develop by self . Some of software we supply from Microsoft and Intel . All kinds of software we can provide to our client . We have also online Software . Dynamic Hubs support in the area of Procurement and Supply chain management, aims to accelerating the procurement and management of appropriate quantities of high-quality supplies in compliance. We work as supplier and engaged in providing high quality procurement services. We are providing services of purchase, procurement, vendor development, vendor management. We provide products and materials as per client requirement. We work with our clients to achieve measurable changes in performance, focusing on delivering product and solutions that incorporate customized functionality specific to the client's requirements to the benefits of our procurement and supply chain services.

This Supply and Procurement service have been created by Dynamic Hubs to provide a wide range of goods and services that are routinely required by any organization such as public sector, Privet sectors, NGO/Development sectors and other agencies. Corporate Supply and support are established through competitive requests for products/goods from our clients.