Hardware & Networking

Directory Services
File sharing
Online Gaming
File Server
Voice Over IP
Simple Network Management Protocol
Wireless Sensor Network
DNS Hosting Service
Monitoring and management of network, server, storage, printers and client devices such as Desktop Computers, Laptops and Mobile Devices.
Hardware asset inventory and configuration management, including firmware, OS and related license management.
Application software usage and management
Security management, including anti-virus and malware management tools and virus definition updates.
Simple Network Management Protocol
Automated backup and restore.

Making use of different RMM tools to effectively handle your IT requirements, such as, firewall issues, VPNs, configuring routers, deploying OS updates, defragmenting hard disks, updating antivirus definitions etc.

Network Design, Analysis and Cable installation in Offices and Networking. After analyzing your business structure, appropriate geographical location for Networking will be determined and cabling will be done keeping in mind that simplicity is the key.

Desktop PC and Laptop related support

Services under this include but are not limited to, OS installation, Software applications installation, Device Driver updates etc. Security and Virus protection.

Ensuring security for entire network or computers. Computer Maintenance, System/Annual Maintenance

From the tiniest of problems regarding your PC maintenance to the most complicated of network related issues, you can count on us for an effective.